Mick Geerits

Algorithms Unmasked

Algorithms Unmasked features six unique 3D printed masks made with algorithms. Each of the masks is grown on a 3D scan of a face by running custom simulations and algorithms.

Skull Generator

This algorithm generates skulls with a wide variety of alien morphologies using liquid simulation and an algorithm for growing horns.

Frost Texture

Custom frost texture for injection moulded part for a beverage a company.

Joint Generator

This joint generating algorithm takes any line format and generates the files for 3D printing the joints and laser cutting beams to size from stock material.

Generative Cache Pots

Design of a new range of cache pots with generative textures for mass manufacturing.

3D Puzzle Generator

This generator takes in a geometry file and splits it into a given amount of 3D puzzle pieces.

Diffuse Aggregate Growth

A small algorithm using particle simulation to accumulate into bigger structures mimicing natural growth.

Living Hinge Pattern

The living hinge pattern generator takes a line file and generates a living hinge on each of the edges. When the generated pattern is watterjetted out of sheet of rigid material it becomes flexible due to the auxetic nature of the cuts.

Native Slicer

Custom slicer that works on the geometry data within our software of choice removing the need for exports to standard file formats.

Interactive Mask Maker

Algorithm that allows anyone to design their own mask and have it automatically cut out of card.

4D Rotation Matrix

Rotating geometry around a fourth dimensional axis and designing for 4D.

Texture Moulds

This exploration looks at how we can produce computational geometries at scale using large format FDM printing to create moulds for casting concrete.

Generative Speaker

Additively manufactured speaker that is algorithmically tuned for a given space.

Liquid Textures

An exploration in the use of classic liquid based algorithms to create textures.


CAD for an urban beehive.

LDF 2018: Head Above Water

Complex geometric version of the larger sculpture for London Design Festival 2018

Hilbert Curve

3D Hilbert Curve fractal made using L-systems and VEX for the 2D version